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How Does Eggnog Affect the Teeth?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  With it comes sweet treats and holiday parties and, for many, lots of eggnog.  We love to use it as coffee creamer, mix it with a cocktail, or just drink it straight. As your dental professionals, you know we have to warn you about the potential effects […]

Stay Away from Sticky!

Did you know that the texture and consistency of your food has an impact on the health of your teeth?  It’s true.  Crunchy vegetables (like raw carrots and celery) can actually clean plaque away from the teeth, making them a great healthy snack choice.  In contrast, sticky foods that contain simple carbohydrates are a bad […]

When Should My Child First Have Dental X-Rays?

There are many “firsts” in a child’s life, and as a parent, you have to make decisions about many of them.  You can find yourself completely inundated with information when you try to determine when certain milestones should happen in your child’s life.  Because every child is unique, the answer to when certain things should […]

The Sour Truth: Effects of Acid on Your Teeth

We can miss an important oral health fact if we think that sugar is the only thing bad for our teeth.  Sugar is dangerous because it feeds the bacteria that cause cavities.  It is important to understand, though, that it is not the sugar or the bacteria that are harmful to enamel.  It’s the acid […]

Why is Sugar So Bad for My Teeth?

We grow up hearing that sugar is bad for our teeth.  We assume that people who have “bad teeth” consume large amounts of sugar.  Sugar is certainly one of the most important factors in the cavity process.  This week’s blog will help you understand the role sugar plays, and how you can protect your teeth […]

What are Early Signs of Dental Trouble?

We understand that many people are still uncertain about the safety of dental visits.  While we are certain that your visiting us is safe, we do want to communicate important information to those of you making the choice to postpone dental appointments during the pandemic.  It is important for you to understand the warning signs […]

Does Using a Mouthwash Help?

The oral care aisle at your local grocery store or pharmacy is full of an almost endless supply of toothbrushes, toothpastes, floss and mouthwash.  The most important purpose of any oral hygiene routine is to physically remove dental plaque from the teeth, and this is something that mouthwash cannot accomplish on its own.  Therefore, it […]

The Answers to Xylitol FAQs

Maybe you’ve seen it as an ingredient in your sugar-free chewing gum.  Or maybe Dr. Chowning recommended it as a sugar substitute for you.  You might have seen it advertised as a “magic” ingredient in some oral care products.  Here’s what you really need to know about xylitol. What is Xylitol? Xylitol is a natural […]

How Many Times a Day Should I Brush My Teeth?

This is a question dentists hear quite often.  And would you be surprised to learn that the answer is not always the same?  We make a lot of general recommendations, especially in our website content.  However, we want to make sure that all of our patients understand that a customized approach is always the best! […]

Why are X-rays So Important?

Many people accept x-rays as a fact of life when it comes to consistent dental visits.  Others question their necessity or fear negative consequences from them.  We covered the safety of dental x-rays in a previous blog that you can read here.  In this blog, we’ll explain why they are so important. X-rays Enable Early […]