For a Nation in Mourning: the “Stand by Me” Video

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By Timberlake Dental curated from Youtube – PlayforChange

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With us all still in shock over the senseless murder of school children in Connecticut Friday, this video may be of some comfort.  Our thoughts at times like this often turn to the question of what we would do if something like this happened to us or those we hold dear.  The loss of a child or close relative would render most of us inconsolable.  So what could you do to help someone in this situation?

This video, produced by PlayForChange brings together street musicians from around the world and is quite uplifting.  Many times, the best way to help someone is to just be there for them. There’s often not much you can say or do – all you can do is stand by them…

Grandpa Elliot, the 2nd singer in this video, has gained some popularity due to this video.  He is quite the performer.

Dr. Rodney Chowning, DDS, General and Cerec Dentist, Denton, TX