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Oral Health vs. Overall Health

Curated News: By Timberlake Dental curated from 1Dental.com – Image Courtesy of  Flickr – engineroomblog   “Gum disease is much more common than you might think, and it can lead to major health problems like diabetes and heart disease…..” See full infographic on 1dental.com Commentary: An infographic combines graphics and text to better illustrate complex  relationships.  This […]

A second chance – worth a smile

Curated News: By Timberlake Dental curated from uthscsa.edu – Image courtesy of Flickr – Linda Cronin “The X-ray revealed a black void. What was once colonized by lively cells, tissue and nerves was vacant and still. The pulp tissue (nerves) inside … Cody Nelson’s tooth was dead – the result of a biking accident. He’d been […]

Regular Dental Exams Help Protect Heart Health

Curated News: By Timberlake Dental curated from drdavidhealth.com – Image courtesy of Flickr – FrankBonilla.tv “Guidelines for Health – News – Dr. David Health…” Commentary: This is short, to the point, and worth your attention. Taking care of your teeth by your own daily routine – and by regular visits to your dentist don’t only save […]

Kate Middleton tops best smile list‎

Curated News: By Timberlake Dental curated from dentistry.co.uk   Image Courtesy of Flickr – Comrade Foot “More than half of Brits believe that the quality of a person’s teeth has a major impact on a person’s career or romantic life, yet only half of us visit the dentist regularly…” Commentary: This story from the U.K. reports […]

Fruit drinks ‘can be as acidic as vinegar’

Curated News: From Mail Online Image Courtesy of Mail Online “Dentists have issued a warning about popular fruit drinks and smoothies after it emerged some can be as acidic as vinegar. Fruity drinks are commonly given to children by well-meaning parents to ensure they get their ‘five a day’. But an investigation found many contained a high […]

What to Do About Bad Breath

There are Solutions for Bad Breath Bad breath is a topic most of us don’t like to discuss.  It is a real issue for many, because at times or even most of the time, it forces many to lose confidence in themselves, or it spoils their interactions with friends or loved ones.   Do you suffer […]

How to Treat Periodontal Gum Disease

What is Periodontal Gum Disease? Before you learn how to treat periodontal disease, it is best to learn a bit more about how this disease progresses and some of the signs of periodontal disease.  This information will keep you better informed on what to look for and possibly how to prevent the disease.  Periodontal disease […]

Soft Drinks and Your Health

Sodas and Your Health A can of soda seems such a harmless treat.  After all it’s not like eating sticky candy or chewing gum loaded with sugar, right?  Wrong!  Any dentist will advise you that drinking sodas is one of the easiest ways to damage your health. – Image Courtesy of Flickr – janineomg Soda drinking can […]


Invisalign – How It Can Change Your Life Ugly metal braces are traditionally associated with high school kids with a smile exhibiting a neat set of railway tracks.  However, Timberlake Dental’s adult patients require alignment of their teeth for a variety of reasons: some abandoned their braces in early life and later find their teeth begin […]