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Why Does Eating Hot Chilies Make My Nose Run

Curated News: By Timberlake Dental curated from SLATE “If you’ve ever bitten into a raw habanero, eaten a dish laced with Scotch Bonnets, or skinned a basket of roasted New Mexico green chilies, you’re familiar with a roster of physiological effects…” See full article on SLATE Commentary: Hot favorites such as peppers and chilis have a substance called capsaicin […]

Mummy with Mouthful of Cavities Discovered

Curated News: By Timberlake Dental curated from Yahoo “Around 2,100 years ago, at a time when Egypt was ruled by a dynasty of Greek kings, a young wealthy man from Thebes was nearing the end of his life….” See full article on Yahoo Commentary: Interestingly, some of the  ailments of today were clearly present in past centuries.  In this article about cavities […]

Eating vegetables could reduce oral cancer risk

Curated News: By Timberlake Dental curated from Dental Tribune “Consuming broccoli, cauliflower or cabbage at least once a week cut their risk of developing the disease by 17 per cent, the study revealed.…” See full article on Dental Tribune Commentary: Sometimes it takes a new study to convince us of health issues we’ve known about since we were […]

Is Your Cell Phone Toxic?

Curated News: By Timberlake Dental curated from WebMD “Gadget gurus who just upgraded to the iPhone 5 can feel good about one thing: It’s one of the greenest and least toxic cell phones on the market…” See full article on WebMD Commentary: Yes indeed, the iPhone, along with a few other cell phones, are considered the least toxic […]

How Sunlight Weakens Your Skin

Curated News: By Timberlake Dental curated from National Public Radio “A sunny day at the beach has plusses and minuses for your health…” See full article on National Public Radio Commentary: “Everything in moderation” is the word of the day, especially when it comes to sun. According to this article, our skin, which is actually a very powerful […]

Health Benefits Of Tea: Milking It Or Not

Curated News: By Timberlake Dental curated from National Public Radio “…according to this research going back to 2007, we might want to at least consider trying, say, a nice cup of green tea sans sugar or cream….” See full article on National Public Radio Commentary: Most of us are well aware of the health benefits of tea, especially green […]


Curated News: By Timberlake Dental curated from Fit Sugar “When you don’t sleep well, the next day can feel like a big struggle. Luckily, some sleeping issues can be easily remedied by changing your old ways and welcoming brand-new bedtime rituals….” See full article on Fit Sugar Commentary: Problems with sleep are almost universal these days […]

Flu Is Transmitted Before Symptoms Appear, According to New Study

Curated News: By Timberlake Dental curated from Science Daily ” …people [may possibly) pass on flu to others before they know they’re infected, making it very difficult to contain epidemics….” See full article on Science Daily Commentary: According to a study conducted in London, you may be contagious with the flu before you have flu symptoms. […]